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Bitter DUP councillor Dineen Walker vents her anger


Bitter: Dineen Walker

Bitter: Dineen Walker

Bitter: Dineen Walker

A DUP councillor passed over for the role of mayor after calling Alliance MLA Anna Lo a racist has hit out at her own party, saying she hopes leader Peter Robinson gets more support than she has.

Dineen Walker wrote on her Facebook page: "Politics is a dirty business. Here's hoping Peter Robinson gets more support from the party than I did. Or will he too have to give up his post?"

She added: "I phoned Anna Lo's office on Friday to arrange to meet her personally to both apologise for upsetting her and explain why I reacted to her announcement.

"Had she not called us colonists and said that the partition of Ireland was a farce, I wouldn't have been upset. Anna Lo's office has not returned my call."

An Alliance spokesman said: "An offer of a conversation with Anna was made on Tuesday, but this was not accepted by Ms Walker."

Meanwhile, A man in his 50s from the Larne area has been released on police bail after posting remarks about Ms Lo on Facebook.

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