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BNP bids to form an alliance of far right nationalists

The British National Party is attempting to patch together an alliance of extremist nationalist organisations across Europe in order to unlock hundreds of thousands of pounds of extra funding.

The party secured its biggest mainstream electoral victory yesterday after Nick Griffin, the far right-wing party's chairman, became the second BNP member to be elected to the European parliament.

Hours earlier, 61-year-old Andrew Brons, a former chairman of the National Front who has a long history of far right politics, became the BNP's first MEP after winning almost 10% of the vote in Yorkshire and the Humber.

Both men will now be entitled to approximately £310,000 of funding which includes an £80,443 salary, an annual staff budget of up to £182,000 and office expenses of £44,000.

But the BNP could also unlock a share of the £22.8m allowance given to parliamentary groups if it can find at least 25 MEPs from seven member states willing to form a bloc within the European parliament.

Simon Darby, the deputy chairman of the BNP, said Mr Griffin would now begin looking for groups to form alliances with. “Whether we will find people with enough in common I don't know,” he said.

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