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Brexit: 'I'm meant to be looking up to adults but all I see is them fighting and arguing' - Northern Ireland boy on democracy from a child's perspective

A 12-year-old boy from Northern Ireland has challenged adults in the UK to "learn to respect each other's decisions" as says he is "sickened" by the post-Brexit reaction in a hard-hitting video.

The UK voted in favour of Leave in the recent EU referendum while the majority of Northern Ireland votes opted for Remain.

In the wake of the vote, the Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation and Nigel Farage stepped down as Ukip leader.

Meanwhile there has been a surge in applicants for Irish passports as Irish passport holders will remain EU citizens making it easier for them to travel throughout the continent.

In a video posted online Moustacheman Max gives a "lesson in democracy" entitled: "Democracy for dummies a lesson from a 12-year-old about how democracy works in a very British United Kingdom".

He begins by explaining in simple terms how the vote came about - before launching in to his main message.

He says: "I have something to tell the whole of the UK.

"I'm a child growing up in what I thought was a democratic society. But for the past two days what I've seen on social media and news is shocking and sickening to me.

"It's frightening as a young person, I'm meant to be looking up to adults but all I see is them fighting and arguing.

"They are meant to be teaching us not acting like a child.

"The behaviour of adults lately is just crazy, they are attacking people physically and verbally.

"They are being abusive to Boris Johnson, like it was he that cast those 17million votes.

"He is just one man, if you want to live in a democratic society you need to learn to respect each other's decision. If I as a child can understand that, why can't you."

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