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Coalition out of touch, say 82% in new poll

By Daniel Bentley

The Coalition Government is seen as out of touch by four in five voters, according to a new poll.

Only 18% regard David Cameron's government as in touch with the concerns of ordinary people, the Angus Reid survey for The Sunday Express found. Some 82% feel that it is not.

The poll comes after Conservative MP Nadine Dorries criticised the Prime Minister and Chancellor George Osborne for being “two arrogant posh boys who show no remorse, no contrition and no passion to want to understand the lives of others”.

She said there was a clique at the top of the Government that prevented Mr Cameron and Mr Osborne “understanding or knowing what is happening in the country.”

Mr Cameron, who has been under fire for the Government's handling of the fuel dispute and for tax cuts announced in the Budget, promised to “stay in touch”.

“People in this country — they are having a tough time. I understand that,” he said last week.

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