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Conservative voters angry over retirement age change

By Alan Jones

Most Conservative supporters believe it is unfair to make British people work longer for their State pension than their European counterparts, according to a new poll.

A survey of over 1,700 adults commissioned by three leading trade unions showed a clear majority were “uncomfortable” with plans to increase the retirement age.

The study comes ahead of a strike on Thursday by civil servants, lecturers, health workers, Ministry of Defence staff, immigration officers, off-duty police officers and members of the Royal Fleet Auxiliary as part of the bitter dispute over the Government's controversial public sector pension reforms.

Almost four out of five, and seven in 10 Tory voters, said making Britons work longer than European workers to get their State pension was unfair. The YouGov poll, commissioned by Unite, the Public and Commercial Services union and the National Union of Teachers, also showed a majority said raising the state pension age will hit poorest pensioners hardest.

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