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Daithi McKay resignation over Jamie Bryson coaching claims: Watch Sinn Fein spin doctor Thomas O'Hara's ambitions captured in bizarre video

By David Young

The Sinn Fein spin doctor in the thick of the political storm that's claimed the scalp of MLA Daithi McKay starred in his own bizarre YouTube video, based on the TV dating show Take Me Out.

Filmed in 2012 for an event at the Roger Casements Gaelic Athletic Club in Portglenone in August 2012, the video opens with Mr O'Hara walking casually down the village's Main Street to the theme from Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery.

Wearing a pink open-necked shirt, he waves to unseen acquaintances. Mr O'Hara, who was 27 when the video was recorded, is captioned as a "wannabe MLA'" Speaking to camera, he tells viewers: "It's my ambition to be the MLA for this area, and to be president of the Ireland - 32 counties."

A curious montage then flashes up, showing Mr O'Hara's face superimposed onto a DUP election poster, and he is seen calling at the door of a baffled-looking resident with sandbags outside his house. Mr O'Hara confidently assures the resident that there will be no more flooding once he is elected MLA.

In keeping with Mr O'Hara's political ambitions, the video closes with a blast from the Spice Girls' first hit single, Wannabe.

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