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David Cameron embroiled in disabled child case

David Cameron's attempts to defuse the storm over cuts in care for a severely disabled child were overwhelmed yesterday, as more parents came forward to say they were also being refused help in caring for their disabled children following council cuts.

The anger was sparked after Riven Vincent, a mother of a severely disabled child from Staple Hill, Bristol, used an online parenting forum to announce that she was receiving so little support from her local authority that she had been forced to consider putting her daughter into care.

The posting quickly went viral and caused a political crisis for the Prime Minister, after it emerged he had visited the Vincent family during last year's General Election campaign and promised he would not do anything to harm disabled children if he was elected prime minister.

Mrs Vincent's daughter Celyn (6) suffers from severe quadriplegic cerebral palsy and epilepsy. She needs round-the-clock attention and when the family asked social services for extra support they were told there were no resources available to them.

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