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David Cameron 'pig-gate' allegations to be mocked in song by Lib Dem Glee Club

The Prosciutto Affair is sung to the tune of English Country Garden, with the lyrics "if your name is Cam, you've been amorous with ham..."

By David Hughes

A song mocking the lurid allegations about David Cameron is set to be unveiled by Liberal Democrat activists at a traditional end-of-conference party.

A new biography claims the Prime Minister took part in a bizarre initiation ritual at a notorious university drinking society which involved him inserting "a private part of his anatomy" in the mouth of a dead pig.

Downing Street has been forced to fend off the claims about Mr Cameron's youthful excesses, but Lib Dems will seek to poke fun at the Prime Minister at their Glee Club singalong.

A hastily-written composition circulating at the Bournemouth conference, called The Prosciutto Affair and sung to the tune of English Country Garden, begins with the lines "if your name is Cam, you've been amorous with ham in an Oxford country garden".

A photo revealing some of the lyrics was posted on Twitter by Lib Dem councillor Zoe O'Connell.

The Glee Club, the Lib Dems' very own bizarre event involving copious amounts of alcohol, is no stranger to controversy.

A song to the tune of American Pie includes the chorus "Tony Blair can f*** off and die" and this year the organisers have faced criticism over lyrics referring to former leader Charles Kennedy's struggles with alcohol.

Mr Kennedy died earlier this year after suffering a haemorrhage linked to his alcoholism.

The Glee Club songbook includes a verse that talks of Mr Kennedy "downing bottles in a trice". It goes on: "Oh hear us Charlie when we ask/To share the contents of your flask".

Another reads "Charles Kennedy must be added to the list - a lovely little leader but a bugger when he's p*****."

Dr Peter Rice, the chairman of Scottish Health Action on Alcohol Problems (Shaap), told The Herald newspaper: "We are making a lot of good progress as a society in treating alcohol problems. Treating serious issues like this as a joke is not helpful."

The row comes after some songs about Mr Kennedy were retired from this year's edition of the songbook as a mark of respect.

Activist Gareth Epps, who helps produce the Liberator Songbook, said earlier this month that some of the tunes sung in previous conferences had referred "fondly" to his illness.

Writing on the Lib Dem Voice website he said: "The cover of the new songbook remembers the late Charles Kennedy, "a man more singed against than singing" with at least four songs written in his honour.

"We have had to think what the right thing was to do, given that some written well before his rise to become party leader referred (fondly) to his illness.

"We are told by Charles' family that he was fond of the songs about him; perhaps surprisingly! Out of respect, though, for this edition we have retired the Skye Boat Song ... not that we expect that will stop members of the Glee Club singing it."

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