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David Cameron should be called 'right-wing Prime Minister' to match BBC's term for Jeremy Corbyn, petition says

A petition calling for the BBC to refer to David Cameron as "the right-wing Prime Minister" has reached almost 8,000 supporters in less than four hours.

Set up on by Amanda Drury from Lincoln, it criticises the BBC's apparent repeated use of the term "left wing Labour Party leader" when referring to the newly-elected Jeremy Corbyn.

The comment on the petition reads: "Every time Jeremy Corbyn is mentioned in a news report on the BBC he is referred to as 'the left wing Labour Party leader'.

"In the interest of fairness and un-biased reporting, David Cameron should also be referred to in terms of his place on the political spectrum – ‘the right-wing Prime Minister."

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Jeremy Corbyn picks housing for first PMQ question after public consultation 

Mr Corbyn has had a lively start to his term as Labour leader, after receiving criticism for remaining silent during the national anthem at an RAF service, then announcing he would bring about a new era of PMQs by taking questions from the public.

He made his debut at PMQs with questions about the housing crisis, mental health and tax credits.


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