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David Cameron to consider UK vote on Europe

By Daniel Bentley

David Cameron has failed to satisfy Conservative demands for a referendum on the EU after declaring that he was prepared to consider the idea — but not yet.

The Prime Minister was accused of offering “jam tomorrow” with his offer to go to the people once Britain's future relationship with Brussels, in the aftermath of the eurozone crisis and further EU integration, becomes clear.

He insisted that an immediate in/out referendum was not what the public wanted.

But, in The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Cameron acknowledged the need to ensure the UK's position within the EU has “the full-hearted support of the British people”.

He stressed there would be further opportunities in the coming years to win back powers from Brussels and that he wanted to be able to offer voters a “real choice” in any potential referendum.

He said he wanted to scrap “whole swathes” of legislation on social issues, working time and home affairs.

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