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DUP ‘aims to scupper double-job reforms’

By David Gordon

The DUP has been accused of plotting to kill off plans to ban Assembly Members from double-jobbing as councillors.

The claim was made last night by MLA Dawn Purvis.

She has worked on legislation for nearly two years to end dual mandates spanning councils and Stormont.

Her bill has been steered though the Assembly's legislative processes and is awaiting final passage.

But Ms Purvis last night predicted the DUP would halt it by tabling a “Petition of Concern” — a mechanism that triggers cross-community voting rules.

The DUP's strength in the chamber means the Bill would not get the necessary level of unionist support under these cross-community rules.

Ms Purvis said: “This is an outrageous attempt to block this legislation and prevent this important reform from being implemented. It also sets an extremely dangerous precedent.

“The DUP is using this procedure — which should be used with careful consideration — to support their own interests as a political party.”

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