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DUP to take part in talks: Peter Robinson statement in full

Peter Robinson has welcomed the Secretary of State's announcement that an assessment will be made of the status of paramilitary organisations and that his party will be involved in the talks on Monday.

Speaking at Stormont on Friday, Mr Robinson said: "Following the Chief Constable’s assessment of those involved in the murder of Kevin McGuigan the party said that it would not be business as usual.

"We insisted to the government that there were two issues that needed to be addressed if devolution was to continue.

"Those issues were the full implementation of the Stormont House Agreement and dealing with all paramilitary structures.

"The party said it would not engage in knee jerk reactions but rather would deal with the outstanding issues in a strategic manner.

"Today's statement by the Secretary of State is a welcome first step in demonstrating that the government are taking our concerns seriously.

"We recognise the Secretary of State is now taking action to address the two concerns we had raised.

"We have consistently argued that ultimately the business of determining the long-term steps to address paramilitary links must be addressed and resolved through the talks.

"On the basis of the Secretary of State’s statement today we will be participating in the talks on Monday.

Mr Robinson added: "I am not in the business of wrecking devolution.

"I want to see good, effective government in Northern Ireland.

"Whilst others may be focused on process this party is focused on getting the right outcome.

"Our objective for the talks is to see the full implementation of the Stormont House Agreement and a mechanism to put all those engaged in terrorism and criminality out of business once and for all.”

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