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Ed Balls: I'm a winner

Ed Balls has hailed himself as a "winner" as he set out why he is the best man to replace Gordon Brown as Labour leader.

The shadow education secretary said he had successfully fought the Tories and BNP to secure his Commons seat as he insisted he was "in touch" and a "team player".

Mr Balls also said he could "speak the language of mums and dads as well as of finance ministers" as he talked up his credentials.

Meanwhile, shadow foreign secretary David Miliband, who is also running for the Labour leadership, said he wanted the party to be the "home of all shades of centre and centre-left opinion" opposing the coalition Government.

Mr Balls told BBC1's Andrew Marr show that Labour needed a leader who could fight the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats on their approach to the economy, as well as putting forward a platform that was "fair and just".

"I won in my seat, I'm a winner because I took the Conservatives on and beat them - and beat the BNP as well," he said.

"And we need a winner, somebody who can do that, who's in touch, who's a team player. I'm all those things."

He went on: "I'm someone, I think, who can speak the language of mums and dads as well as of finance ministers."

Labour had done some "brilliant things" in government but lost the election because they lost touch with low-income voters, Mr Balls said as he played down concerns about his leadership style.


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