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EU Election 2019

DUP labels Sinn Fein 'democracy deniers' over party's opposition to Brexit

Jeffrey Donaldson
Jeffrey Donaldson

The DUP has labelled Sinn Fein "democracy deniers" over the party's refusal to accept the result of the 2016 Brexit referendum.

Sinn Fein European election candidate Martina Anderson has been campaigning under the slogan "show Europe the DUP does not speak for you".

DUP MP Sir Jeffrey Donaldson said the Sinn Fein campaign slogan will "backfire".

“Sinn Fein are in the democracy deniers’ family in this election," he said. 

"They, along with others, don’t want to accept the will of the people from the 2016 referendum. This ad campaign is about misrepresenting and ignoring the will of those who believe in the Union and democracy."

Sir Jeffrey said the European Union was trying to foist a deal on Northern Ireland unionists which would undermine the economic and constitutional integrity of the UK.

"Whilst Sinn Fein want the wrong message sent to Brussels, unionists must use this election to send an unmistakeable message to London and Brussels," the Lagan Valley MP added.

"Even Sinn Fein accepts that people far beyond these shores are watching the DUP vote."

Meanwhile, Sinn Fein has slammed those responsible after a number of Martina Anderson's election posters were defaced with misogynistic abuse.

The posters on the North Circular and Ballysillan Roads in Belfast were removed and defaced.

The word 's***' was scrawled across at least one of the posters.

Sinn Fein councillor JJ Magee said those who attacked the European election posters would not deter Ms Anderson campaigning to return to the European Parliament.

Cllr Magee said: “The theft and defacing of election posters is a criminal offence and a direct attack upon the democratic process.

“There is no place for misogynism or any other kind of discrimination in our society."

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