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‘Flash Harry’ fires a parting shot at the UUP


'Flash'  Harry Hamilton

'Flash' Harry Hamilton

'Flash' Harry Hamilton

Harry Hamilton has fired a parting shot at the UUP accusing the party of retreating from the centre ground of politics.

The former Upper Bann General Election candidate quit the Ulster Unionists in the run-up to the party's conference.

Mr Hamilton — also known as Freddie Mercury tribute act Flash Harry — released his resignation statement yesterday. He was strongly attacked from the conference platform on Saturday by UUP chairman David Campbell, who dubbed him “Flash in the pan Harry”.

His resignation came after he had failed to be selected as a candidate for next May's Assembly election.

His statement claimed: “I cannot help but conclude that my experience over the recent selection process was the manifestation of a once centrist party moving to a more traditional and isolationist position.

“An increase of support is not going to be found by abandoning the middle ground of disaffected, disillusioned and disappointed voters.”

Mr Hamilton also argued: “The party is retreating to what it perceives to be safe ground, but that is not what people want.”

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He said his unsuccessful General Election bid had secured a 1509-vote increase for the UUP in Upper Bann.

“I believe I ran a popular campaign and raised the profile of arguments that real people want to hear voiced. Their concerns about jobs, education and welfare are being ignored in favour of a return to the old politics.”

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