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Foul mouthed Irish MP Paul Gogarty in second Dail tantrum

Green Party TD Paul Gogarty has turned the Irish parliament's air blue again with an outburst of "bull***t" this time.

The Dublin politician used some choice language in the parliamentary for the second time in little over six months but still claimed to have learned his lesson.

Mr Gogarty pulled back from a full-blown outburst last night, after asking the Ceann Comhairle: "Is the word bull***t prescribed under the standing orders at the moment?"

He was told it was "not an appropriate word" and therefore opted for the somewhat softer term "balderdash".

His comments came during the heated debate on the Wildlife (Amendment) Bill which was being spearheaded by his party leader John Gormley.

Last December, a foul-mouthed Dail performance by Mr Gogarty became an internet hit after he roared "F**k you Deputy Stagg, f**k you" at Labour TD Emmet Stagg.

A series of Youtube videos showing the "unparliamentary language" have been viewed more than 50,000 times.

But after being warned by the chair of the House last night, Mr Gogarty revised his language.

"Well then I'll digress. I have learned my lesson, I hope, since last December. I have never heard such wanton balderdash in all my life," he said, in reference to the opposition uproar over the ban on stag hunting.

The Bill he said was "so narrow we shouldn't be spending more than two or three hours on it".

Last month, Mr Gogarty avoided censure over his previous use of expletives after an inquiry by a Dail disciplinary committee.

The Dail Sub-Committee on Procedure and Privileges agreed that Mr Gogarty's behaviour amounted to contempt of an aggravated nature but decided that no significant action was needed.

In the moments after the now-infamous outburst, the Dublin Midwest TD apologised to the house and to Deputy Stagg.

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