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Eamonn McCann compares Chief Rabbi to Paisley for attacking Labour's leader Corbyn

eamonn mccann
eamonn mccann

By Staff Reporter

Left wing activist Eamonn McCann has compared the UK's Chief Rabbi to late DUP leader Ian Paisley, after the Jewish leader hit out at Labour.

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In a column in The Times on Tuesday, Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis staged an unprecedented intervention, saying anti-Semitism in the Labour Party was a "poison - sanctioned from the top".

He also said Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was not fit to be prime minister.

On Wednesday, ITV political editor Robert Peston noted in a tweet that Mr Corbyn "is still not apologising to Jewish community".

"He refers back to earlier apology from Labour, and only 'acknowledges' what chief rabbi said yesterday. He says that any anti-semitism is wrong. 'I will die fighting against racism in any form'. Odd mixed messages," Mr Peston wrote.

But Mr McCann said there had been "no 'mixed message', let alone an 'odd' mixed message".

"Chief rabbi is filling the role the Rev Paisley filled for years in the North. Fanning the flames of hatred - then demanding that Protestant people confront this anti-Protestant hatred. Shameful, dishonest, dishonourable," he said.

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