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General Election: DUP's Carla Lockhart confirmed as Upper Bann candidate

Carla Lockhart
Carla Lockhart

DUP MLA Carla Lockhart has been confirmed as the party's Upper Bann candidate in the General Election.

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"My record in the constituency is one of hard work and delivery," she said following the announcement on Friday night.

"I will be seeking a mandate to continue this in Westminster where I will work alongside colleagues in Parliament, the Assembly and Council to deliver for the benefit of everyone in Upper Bann."

Ms Lockhart topped the poll in 2016 when she was first elected to Stormont before increasing her vote to again top the poll in 2017.

Party leader Arlene Foster said: "I am delighted that Carla will be the DUP candidate in Upper Bann at this election. Just as the DUP has a record of delivery across Northern Ireland, Carla has a proven record of hard work and delivery for the people of Upper Bann.

"I will be urging voters across Upper Bann to rally behind Carla and elect her to Westminster where she can be part of a strong and united unionist team at Westminster to work for everyone in Northern Ireland."

The selection after it emerged the DUP does not have enough members in the constituency to decide on who to replace outgoing MP David Simpson who announced he will not contest his seat for the General Election.

Under the DUP party rules selection of a candidate is conducted by constituency associations who have more than 40 paid up full members on September 1 preceding the selection meeting.

As Upper Bann does not meet this threshold the party hierarchy instead made the decision.

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