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O'Neill insists Sinn Fein can take seat from DUP's 'Brexit architect' Dodds

By Our Political Staff

Michelle O'Neill said Sinn Fein is hoping to topple "an architect of Brexit" by taking Nigel Dodds' North Belfast seat.

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She said the party is aiming to increase its seven-strong group of MPs in the upcoming General Election.

The Sinn Fein vice president said the December 12 poll will be about maximising the return of pro-Remain candidates.

"We will stand in our seven constituencies in which we currently hold seats and we will stand in North Belfast to win that seat," she said.

Standing alongside the party's North Belfast candidate John Finucane, Mrs O'Neill made clear their intention to target the constituency's MP, Mr Dodds.

"We believe there is a real opportunity in North Belfast to oust someone who has been an architect of Brexit, someone who has actively worked against the interests of people who live here on this island, and John Finucane can provide local representation, but also will reflect Ireland's interests in all of this mess," she said.

Asked about her party's suggested pro-Remain electoral pact with other parties opposed to Brexit, Mrs O'Neill said: "I have had conversations with the other party leaders in terms of how we can maximise the pro-Remain candidates returned in this election, but I suppose it will be for the electorate to pass judgment on that.

"As I stand here, there hasn't been a positive response from the other party leaders."

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