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Sinn Fein hits out at theft of another John Finucane election poster

A CCTV image of the theft
A CCTV image of the theft

By Lauen Harte

Sinn Fein has condemned the latest theft of an election billboard backing North Belfast candidate John Finucane.

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In the early hours of yesterday morning, the billboard was removed by a hooded man from the corner of the Limestone and Antrim roads. Mr Finucane's election posters were removed last week from lamp posts near the Abbey Centre. Last month masked men took down the republican party's posters on Belfast's Oldpark Road.

A number of banners were also put up in loyalist areas in Belfast attacking Mr Finucane and members of his family, including his late father Pat, who was murdered by the UDA in 1989.

Sinn Fein's Westminster candidate is running against DUP deputy leader Nigel Dodds in a tight race.

The party's North Belfast MLA Caral Ni Chulin said the latest election poster theft would not deter Mr Finucane.

"A pattern of threats and intimidation is emerging in this contest. This latest action is another attempt to derail the democratic process," she said.

"Our party has made a complaint to the police about this criminal act.

"The theft of these election posters will not deter Sinn Fein in this election campaign."

Elsewhere, Alliance leader Naomi Long was among a number of politicians to condemn the defacing of an election poster for Ulster Unionist leader Steve Aiken.

Ms Long tweeted: "Really disgraceful behaviour. Solidarity with @SteveAikenUUP: no party or candidate should be bullied or intimidated in this way."

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