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Sinn Fein manifesto taking people for granted, claims Donaldson

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson
Sir Jeffrey Donaldson


Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has said the lack of any reference to health policy in the Sinn Fein manifesto demonstrates the party is not serious about delivering for people in Northern Ireland.

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The DUP's Lagan Valley Westminster candidate criticised the republican party after it was challenged about the absence.

The vast bulk of Sinn Fein's manifesto is largely concerned with Brexit and Irish unity, with 'bread and butter' issues such as health and education barely mentioned - if at all.

Mr Donaldson said the DUP had published a 12 point plan and a manifesto "covering over 54 pages of detailed policy proposals to get Northern Ireland moving again".

"Those proposals covered our hospitals, schools, roads, elderly, mental health, broadband provision and protecting our environment," he said.

"SF's manifesto is 15 pages including the front cover and three title pages.

"Across its 71 paragraphs, it has seven attacks on the DUP, 16 mentions of a united Ireland but not a single mention of our elderly, school reforms, health reforms, new roads or communities living without proper broadband.

"SF is the one party blocking devolution and the appointment of ministers.

"This manifesto takes the people for granted.

"I know Irish is important to some people and they deserve proper respect, but hospitals are important to everyone.

"Whilst the DUP has delivered £1.5bn for hospitals, schools and roads, Sinn Fein has delivered nothing but chaos and now want a mandate to sit in Westminster and do nothing," Sir Jeffrey concluded.

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