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Gerry Adams calls for banks to give something back

Northern Ireland's main banks should sponsor a £400m economic development bond to support job creation, Sinn Fein has said.

More support for small businesses would include tax breaks and creation of enterprise zones, president Gerry Adams added.

Mr Adams said: “The four main banks should be required to pay £25m a year for the next four years into the sustainable economic development bond as their contribution to recovery from the economic crisis.”

He also called for greater use of European funds and all-Ireland export and innovation strategies, plus greater economic co-operation north and south.

The SDLP pledged to fight to reduce air fare taxes and airport charges to ensure travel into and out of Northern Ireland remains as competitive as possible.

Its document added: “Lowering corporation tax would create 12,000 jobs over five years.

“Reducing the corporation tax rate would be a game changer for local business development and could lead to clusters of new business sectors,” it added.

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