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Gerry Adams lambasts dissident killers

By Noel McAdam

Sinn Fein leaders have maintained their focus on the fallout from the dissident republican murder of PSNI constable Ronan Kerr over a week ago.

As people gathered in Omagh yesterday for a march for peace, Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness said that while dissident groups are increasing their activity, they are not gaining in strength.

Party president Gerry Adams said mainstream republican heartlands were “seething with anger” at what he branded “a small core of anti-peace groups” — who he again offered to meet.

Writing in his blog, the former West Belfast MP said: “I am prepared to meet you anywhere at any time to listen to what you have to say and tell you that there is now a democratic, peaceful way to unite our people and our country on the basis of equality.

“Your achievement has been to unite us all in opposition to your actions. It is time to end these futile attacks on the peace process, they will not succeed.”

Addressing people who provide shelter or resources for dissident attacks, he added: “Don't be fooled

into thinking that you are helping the IRA. The war is over. The IRA is gone... when a democratic and peaceful alternative to armed struggle was created the IRA left the stage.”

He stressed: “There is no excuse, justification or explanation that can validate the murder of Ronan Kerr, or any of the other actions of those involved in his killing.”

The recently-elected TD said some people masquerading as activists are heavily involved in extortion, robberies, and tiger kidnappings — and Sinn Fein would expose them.

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