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Government's ‘pasty tax’ may come unstuck, warns MP

The Government could face a hard time getting its “pasty tax” plan past Parliament, a coalition MP has warned.

Lib Dem Stephen Gilbert said the six Cornish MPs would look to build a coalition of its own from Labour MPs and other disgruntled Government MPs — Lib Dem and Conservative — across the country opposed to George Osborne's Budget plan to make pasties and other hot baked foods subject to VAT.

Speaking at a pasty tax summit in Truro, which brought together pasty producers and politicians, the MP for Newquay and St Austell said there was opposition to the plan from across the country, from the Cornish countryside to “meat and potato pie” constituencies in the north of England.

He said that the Treasury was already adopting a “bunker mentality” over the pasty tax and there was a chance that the legislation would either be defeated or that enough pressure could be brought to see it watered down.

“This is not going to sail through the Commons,” the Lib Dem MP said.

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