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Green Party manifesto unveiled by new leader

By Liam Clarke


The Green Party clearly feels it punched above its weight in the last Assembly.

It claims credit for persuading other parties to adopt the Green New Deal job creation strategy, and also exposing Sammy Wilson’s climate change scepticism when he was Finance Minister.

It is also more left wing than the other parties on most issues and insists the current budget should be scrapped and replaced by one that is “good for the economy, good for people and good for the environment”.

With its one outgoing MLA Brian Wilson standing as an independent, the party has an uphill struggle, but is not short on energy and ideas.


  • The introduction of metered water charges with the first 90 litres per person per day free to ensure basic needs are met.
  • Cutting the number of MLAs from 108 to 80.
  • A moratorium on new road building to free up £1.5 billion for public services.
  • A crash home insulation programme to employ 15,000 people and cut fuel costs.


Very friendly and hospitable. Steven Agnew, the new leader, held his own under tough questioning and came across as a man of the people who is still struggling with a £16,000 student loan.

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