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Gregory Campbell targeted in Facebook hate campaign

A poster of east Londonderry DUP MP Gregory Campbell with a bullet hole through his head has been taken off Facebook.

The online death threats came after the DUP man criticised aspects of the Saville Report on Bloody Sunday.

Mr Campbell called for more focus on IRA victims after the £200m investigation into the deaths of civil rights protestors at the hands of soldiers.

Mr Campbell said: “The type of bigoted fascist nonsense expressed on these sites is similar to the beliefs that led to 3,500 deaths in Northern Ireland.

“Some of the border areas and the west bank of Londonderry saw unionists move out in their thousands because of republican paramilitary action based on beliefs such as these.”

He called for greater scrutiny and action by social networking sites such as Facebook after being alerted by a member of the public to the numerous attacks.

“I was informed by a member of the public that a group site had been set up, upon investigation I discovered that there were scores of vile, vicious references to me and some of my colleagues, a small number threatened to have me attacked if I appeared anywhere on the cityside of Londonderry, others were more precise in their threats,” he added.

He added he had been in touch with Facebook to ensure that the sites are closed down and also with the police to investigate if the people responsible could be prosecuted.

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