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If you can find money for DUP to secure your job, why not public sector workers? Corbyn asks PM May

By Jonathan Bell

Prime Minister Theresa May faced questions in the Commons on Wednesday and was asked how she could afford the money for her deal with DUP MPs, but nothing for public sector workers.

The Conservative leader was asked about public sector pay, the numbers of nurses in the NHS and on poverty.

She was also asked, by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, how she could afford the money to secure her own job - through the £1bn deal with the DUP and not give public sector workers a pay rise.

Mrs May sited the case of Greece, which slashed public spending cutting health by 36% in responding, saying the deficit created by Labour's "mismanagement of the economy," had to be addressed.

"I hope the Prime Minister is proud of her record of controlling public sector spending to the extent hard-working nurses have to access food banks in order to survive," responded the Labour leader.


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