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Jeremy Corbyn as labour leader 'would be car crash', says Alastair Campbell

By David Hughes

Victory for Jeremy Corbyn in the Labour leadership race would be a "car crash", Tony Blair's former spin doctor has warned.

In a strongly-worded intervention Alastair Campbell called for Labour supporters to sign up to vote for "anyone but Corbyn", claiming that the leadership contest was now a battle to save the party.

A triumph for Mr Corbyn would show that Labour had "given up on being a serious party of Government", Mr Campbell said. The key New Labour figure said just as if he was on a bike ride and saw a car crash about to happen he would alert the drivers to the danger "so I think I have to say something about what appears to be happening to Labour right now".

It was a "car crash, and more", he said.

He welcomed the fact that Mr Corbyn had inspired people to show an interest in politics but advised those who saw him as "some kind of cross between Russell Brand, Nicola Sturgeon and their favourite uncle" to examine Labour's recent history.

In a blunt message to Mr Corbyn's rivals Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall, Mr Campbell said they "need to show now that they understand they are in a fight not just to be Labour leader, but to save the party".

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