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Jeremy Corbyn secures support of one of the UK's biggest trade unions

The Communication Workers Union, one of the country’s biggest trade unions, has reaffirmed its support for Jeremy Corbyn as the Labour leader vowed to put an end to “rip off Britain”.

The CWU, who threw their support behind Mr Corbyn at last year’s election, said the establishment was attacking the left-wing leader because they knew he represented a “serious vote for change”. The union boasts around 200,000 members in the Royal Mail, BT, the Post Office and various other firms.

“He is the candidate to drive through the change that ordinary people are crying out for - opposing damaging austerity measures and tackling the housing crisis which is causing misery for so many,” said the union’s general secretary Dave Ward.

“It's policies like Jeremy's announcement on extending the recognition for trade unions which we believe will make a real difference to the working lives of millions. Jeremy is a leader for the millions, not the millionaires, and the CWU is proud to support him.”

Mr Corbyn told a meeting of CWU activists that a Labour government would tackle the "injustices" in UK workplaces, such as banning zero-hours contracts. He also pledged to increase the living wage and repeal the controversial Trade Union Act which places restrictions on strike ballots.

"Are we to sit back and let the rich get richer? It is time to end rip-off Britain," he said.

He also maintained he did not live in a “bubble of adulation” and wanted to reach out to people to understand their concerns. Calling for unity in the party he added that he was determined to “take it to the Tories”.

Speaking during Mr Corbyn’s campaign for Labour in the summer of 2015, Mr Ward said: “The grip of the Blairites and individuals like Peter Mandelson must now be loosened once and for all. There is a virus within the Labour Party, and Jeremy Corbyn is the antidote.

“We reject the notion that Labour needs to move to the centre ground of British politics. The centre ground has moved significantly to the right in recent years. We do not see arguing for fairer wealth distribution, decent jobs with good pay, terms and conditions and a substantial increase in affordable housing for the next generation as a left-wing agenda.”


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