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Jolene Bunting insists she will not be standing for Britain First as party vows to fight Northern Ireland elections

By Leona O'Neill

The Belfast councillor who spoke at a far-right demonstration involving Britain First has ruled herself out of becoming the first candidate to stand for the party after it vowed to fight elections here.

Independent unionist Jolene Bunting caused anger after inviting members of the staunchly anti-Muslim and anti-immigration grouping to speak at the so-called Northern Ireland Against Terrorism rally at Belfast City Hall on Sunday.

Speaking after the event, Britain First leader Paul Golding revealed it was now registered as a political party in Northern Ireland and that it would be standing candidates in future elections.

But Ms Bunting, a former TUV councillor, ruled herself out of running for the extreme right-wing party.

She said she would "absolutely not" be putting herself forward as a candidate.

Mr Golding said the party would be putting out the call for potential candidates soon and that he was hopeful of good results due to the public being alienated with politics here. He stated: "We will be open to people from both sides of the divide as long as they wish to put our own people first and are willing to take on the corrupt establishment in Northern Ireland.

"I think people are sick to death of the old traditional politics in Northern Ireland."

Mr Golding refused to be drawn on where Britain First would base itself in the province, saying he would not divulge the location due to "security reasons".

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