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Lack of Executive 'creating issues' for Northern Ireland city deals: Prime Minister Theresa May

The Prime Minister has said the absence of a Northern Ireland Executive is creating issues for the creation of city deals across Northern Ireland.

As part of the confidence and supply deal struck between the Conservatives and the DUP which means the Northern Ireland party supports the Government in Parliament, Theresa May pledged to support the creation of a city deal for Belfast.

There has also been pledges for a city deal in others parts such as the north west, like Londonderry and Strabane.

A city deal would see special powers devolved to councils and exemptions made to allow for the promotion of business.

Speaking in the Commons on Wednesday, the DUP MP for East Belfast Gavin Robinson called for the Prime Minister to "ensure sufficient progress" was made on the matter before the autumn budget.

She said the lack of an Executive was creating further work for her ministers and civil servants.

"The government has set out several public commitments including in the confidence and supply agreement to work toward a comprehensive and ambitious set of city deals across Northern Ireland," the Prime Minister said.

"There is progress being made which I welcome by the Belfast city region partners in developing the city deal proposals.

"Of course in the absence of an Executive there are some issues to work through.

"The Northern Ireland Secretary is committed to working positively with partners in the UK government, the Belfast city region and the Northern Ireland civil service to progress city deals."

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