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Leaders to meet David Cameron for first time in year


David Cameron

David Cameron

David Cameron

First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy FM Martin McGuinness will next week hold their first face-to-face talks with David Cameron in more than a year.

The Stormont top two, who have complained they have been sidelined to Secretary of State Owen Paterson in recent months, will meet the Prime Minister with their Scottish and Welsh counterparts in Downing Street next Wednesday.

The meeting came as it emerged Scotland and Wales will have the same right to seek an ‘opt-out’ over corporation tax as Northern Ireland.

As a number of issues between the devolved administrations and London emerged yesterday — including corporation tax, income tax, borrowing powers and ‘end of year’ flexibility — a statement said each of the Assemblies in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Belfast will decide which economic powers they want to pursue.

Disputes between the regions and the Government over the loss of ‘end year flexibility’ money and alleged broken promises over capital spending are likely to arise again at next week’s talks.

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