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Vote for muppets: Kermit and Miss Piggy feature on Belfast election posters

Justin Lowry with one of the posters that have appeared across Belfast
Justin Lowry with one of the posters that have appeared across Belfast
One of the posters that have appeared across Belfast
Allan Preston

By Allan Preston

Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy are standing for election in Belfast, according to new posters popping up across the city.

The placards have appeared outside City Hall, on Botanic Avenue and at the SSE Arena.

Featuring the famous Jim Henson creations, they urge people to 'Vote for the Muppets Party: You're gonna get one anyway!'

Kermit has already made strides into politics, supporting the protection of the environment and other green initiatives, as well as opposing marriage between frogs and pigs.

And Miss Piggy has been frequently celebrated as a feminist icon, appearing with the former First Lady Michelle Obama.

It's now been revealed the prank posters were sponsored by Justin Lowry (44), owner of the On The Square antiques and salvage emporium in Belfast.

He said: "When I saw the council election posters going up I just thought: 'Here we go again'.

"It's been two years since we've had a government and it's cost us nearly £10m.

"I've heard people use the term 'bunch of bloody muppets' so many times.

"That got me thinking - let's call it what it is and make a statement. Vote for the muppets because they're not doing anything.

"Everyone's just sick and tired of how politicians are getting away with it. They can't agree, we can't get a proper government, and funding just can't get passed."

He said he hoped the posters will encourage voters to think again as they head to the polls.

"It's a Northern Ireland conundrum, where even if people are annoyed about things they keep voting for the same people," he added.

"We're just voting the same bunch of muppets in time and time again.

"We just need to look at it and change the way we vote. Something needs to give."

As a small business owner, he said his biggest concern was funding cuts caused by the Stormont impasse.

"We used to do a lot of work with the back-to-work programmes, starting schemes with apprentices," he explained.

"We would train them up in restoration, carpentry and retail. All of that funding has dried up.

"When we talk to job centres or small non-profit organisations that would send us people to train, all we hear is there's no government and funding isn't being passed."

This is the second wave of mock election posters to appear in Belfast.

The team behind the Imagine Belfast Festival of Ideas & Politics revealed they were responsible for posters featuring a candidate from the 'Sameold Sameold Party' with slogans like "Scared of them'uns? Vote for us'uns" and "Whatever happens, just keep voting for me".

This week the PSNI was accused of "indifference" as a number of election candidates complained of posters being damaged or torn down. Sinn Fein said 14 of its posters were removed in the Randalstown area on Tuesday.

The PSNI said the incidents would be investigated as crimes and appealed for witnesses to come forward.

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