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Local government must deliver: Sinn Fein

A Sinn Fein councillor has outlined the party's priorities for local government in the next term.

Sean McGuigan, who represents Clogher Valley, said: “Sinn Fein’s approach to RPA (the Review of Public Administration) is underpinned by the republican principles of democracy and equality.

“We will be demanding that RPA delivers a system that addresses both representative and participatory democracy whilst providing for an efficient, effective and responsive administration.

“There is now, more than ever, a requirement that local government delivers a wider range of quality services in a timely and equitable manner for the ratepayers which it serves.

“Historically local government has often been seen as the poor relation when compared with the larger Assembly departments regarding the delivery of services to its citizens.

“The planned local government RPA was to have been implemented in May 2011. RPA needs to be fully implemented by the incoming Assembly.

“New legislation needs to be put in place which would allow for checks and balances and equality safeguards for the 26 councils before being transferred into the 11-council model.”

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