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Nick Clegg sees off the big two’s slings and arrows

Labour and Conservative attacks on the Liberal Democrats have failed to burst Nick Clegg's bubble and his party is now just one point behind the Tories in a remarkably close three-way race.

The latest ComRes survey for The Independent and ITV News puts the Tories on 32% (down two points since the weekend), the Liberal Democrats on 31% (up two), Labour on 28% (unchanged) and others on 9%. It is the Lib Dems' highest rating since ComRes began polling in 2004.

The figures would make Labour the largest party in a hung Parliament with 268 MPs even though it is third in the share of the vote. The Tories would win 238 seats and Lib Dems 112, leaving Labour 58 short of an overall majority.

More than one in five people who voted Labour at the last election (21%) have switched to Mr Clegg's party, as have almost one in 10 Tory supporters (8%).

Yesterday there were signs of panic in the high command of both Labour and the Tories at the apparently unstoppable Clegg bandwagon, which has turned next week's election into the most unpredictable for decades.

Both parties spent the day directing their fire at the Liberal Democrats.

The Tories warned that a vote for Mr Clegg would leave Mr Brown in Downing Street, while Labour claimed it would allow David Cameron to win power.

The poll points to a photo-finish — and that the attacks by what Mr Clegg calls the “two old parties” are failing to impress voters.

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