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Nick Clegg: We'll keep UK on the right path, says

By Andrew Woodcock

Nick Clegg has staked the Liberal Democrats' claim on a place in government after the next general election, insisting that only a coalition including his party will "keep the country on the right path".

In a keynote speech concluding the Lib Dems' annual conference in Glasgow, Mr Clegg will warn that the "absolute worst" outcome of the poll scheduled for 2015 would be outright victory for Labour or the Conservatives.

Casting himself in the same role of kingmaker that he played after the inconclusive 2010 election, the Lib Dem leader will make clear that he is ready to do a coalition deal with either of the two big parties.

And Mr Clegg will warn that the huge sacrifices made by voters during the years of austerity would be "for nothing" if the country returned to single-party rule, telling delegates: "Labour would wreck the recovery, the Conservatives would give us the wrong kind of recovery.

"Only the Liberal Democrats can finish the job and finish it in a way that is fair.

"Here's what's at stake at the next election," Mr Clegg will say. "The absolute worst thing to do would be to give the keys to Number 10 to a single-party government – Labour or the Conservatives.

"All of the sacrifices made by the British people –the pay freezes, the spending cuts, the lost jobs, the daily grind of austerity – all of that would be for nothing."

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