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'No further action' over Jim Allister's outburst

By Noel McAdam

Assembly Speaker William Hay is to take no further action over the attack on him by hardline unionist Jim Allister.

The Traditional Unionist Voice leader was asked to apologise after accusing Mr Hay of "doing his masters' bidding".

The outburst came after Mr Hay said Mr Allister would not be called on to speak in the Assembly yesterday or today over an earlier jibe.

First Minister Peter Robinson asked the Speaker to make a ruling on the language Mr Allister had used but it became clear Mr Hay wants to let the matter rest.

Mr Allister refused Mr Hay's suggestion of an apology, saying he believed he had nothing to apologise for, and in an article for today's Belfast Telegraph, asked how the parties in the Stormont Executive hope to build a shared future if dissenting voices are to be excluded.

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