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Northern Ireland election debate impresses young voters

The first-time voters who made up the small audience for last night’s show gave both politicians and producers their vote of confidence.

Queen’s University politics student Christopher Andrews, who opened the show, said it should have been longer and many of the issues debated were more relevant to the Assembly election next year.

The 21-year-old said: “As a politics student I was very up for tonight. It was well-chaired and they got through a lot of issues although I think it was maybe not long enough for the politicians to get their points in.”

Masters research student Karly Greene, who asked the panel how politicians with all the recent scandals could inspire young people to vote, said there had been no real surprises.

The 22-year-old from north Belfast admitted: “I am actually a supporter of the Green Party, they are the only people who I think can get the job done. But I thought the programme itself was very well done.”

University of Ulster student Mark Galbraith (21), from Carryduff, said the programme had been well structured and covered a lot of areas in a short time. He said he had not yet decided how to vote, but wanted to read more following the broadcast.

Some of the audience mingled afterwards and shook hands with the four main leaders.

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