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Northern Ireland urged to say yes to Alternative Vote

The battle between the Yes and No camps before next month's referendum on the voting system is still wide open, according to a new poll.

The findings will come as a relief to supporters of a switch to the alternative vote (AV) after recent surveys gave the No camp a lead of 10 points.

The news comes as a ‘Yes’ campaign gets under way in Northern Ireland.

Quintin Oliver, of lobby firm Stratagem, said the case for AV is “overwhelming”.

“Only three of our MPs — Adams, McGuinness and Hermon — secured over 50% of votes in last May’s Westminster election,” Mr Oliver said.

“The DUP, UUP, TUV and BNP are all against — and a well-funded ‘No’ Campaign is issuing erroneous propaganda from its London bunker, leaving us to raise the arguments for a fairer voting system.

“The Yes Campaign here will mount an aggressive effort, with phone-banking, leafleting, canvassing and a round of high visibility events.”

A poll for The Independent found that 34% of people oppose AV and 32% support it, with 21% replying “don't know”.

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