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Paisley & McGuinness visit has little impact on US media

Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness are clear in their message that a peaceful Northern Ireland is open for business, but the first day of their week-long visit had little impact in the US media.

The joint leaders of the power sharing executive are spending the New York leg of their trip to the United States in a series of closed talks with leading business and political figures in the city.

The First and Deputy First Ministers secured a promise from the city's mayor Michael Bloomberg that he would visit Ulster following an economic conference there next year, but their first joint trip overseas went virtually unnoticed by the city's media.

New York City's daily newspapers offered no coverage, but the Associated Press news agency noted: ``The men were bitter enemies for years but have been running Northern Ireland's cabinet together since May.''

The two MPs are in the US to promote Northern Ireland's local economy and the upcoming economic conference which is to be held in Belfast next May.

Yesterday they met financial service executives on a visit to the New York Stock Exchange.

The Washington leg of the trip will see the political leaders on Capitol Hill for discussions with leading members of the Senate and Congress.

They will also have meetings with US Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez and the head of the National Security Council Steve Hadley.

They also plan to meet US President George Bush at the White House on Friday.


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