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Peter Robinson's payments to DUP queried

By Noel McAdam

The DUP last night declined to spell out how much of leader Peter Robinson's Assembly salary has been donated to the party.

The Electoral Commission said it had detected no monies from the First Minister to his party above the previous legal limit of £5,000 — now increased to £7,500.

The commission instituted a review after Mr Robinson told the News Letter he handed over his salary as an MLA — reduced to £15,000 because he already draws a full salary as an MP — to the party.

In an interview at the height of the public furore over MPs’ expenses last year, he said: “Every one of our councillors, every one of our Assembly members, every one of our post holders, every one of our ministers, pays into the party in accordance with what they receive for those positions.

“That means that the First Minister gives up completely his Assembly salary. As MPs, we only get a third from our second salary, but that goes over to the party.”

TUV leader Jim Allister said Mr Robinson had some explaining to do.

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