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Police say 'no crime' committed over Derry IRA recruitment poster

MLA describes poster as 'hate crime' against unionist community

An MLA has called for the police to act over an IRA recruitment poster in Londonderry.

The PSNI, however,  has said "no crime has been disclosed" and will not step in.

The green white and orange sign featuring a masked gunman with the words, ‘Unfinished Revolution, Unfinished Business – Join the IRA’ was erected in the Bogside area of the city.

DUP MLA Gary Middleton reported the incident to the police describing it as a hate crime against the unionist community.

"It goes against the grain of having a shared, inclusive space and I see it as an attempt to drag young people into the past," said the Foyle MLA.

"It serves no other purpose but to invoke hatred against unionists.

"The IRA are not known for encouraging peace and for many in the community this sign will be deeply distressing, especially to those who lost loved ones at the hands of the IRA.

"As a DUP representative I want both young and old of this city to live together in peace. We certainly will not tolerate any recruitment drive for a terrorist organisation and I will continue to liaise with police to get a favourable outcome.”

A police spokesman responded: "At this stage no crime has been disclosed therefore it has not been recorded as a hate crime."

The incident comes just weeks after PSNI Chief Constable George Hamilton expressed regret over the police's handling of a controversy around the erection of a poster celebrating notorious loyalist killer Billy wright.

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