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Poll puts Labour level with Conservatives


Labour is level-pegging with the Tories, according to a new poll

Labour is level-pegging with the Tories, according to a new poll

Labour is level-pegging with the Tories, according to a new poll

Labour has drawn level with the Conservatives in terms of the electorate's voting intentions, according to a poll.

The YouGov survey for The Sun put both parties on 39%, with the Liberal Democrats trailing on 13%. It is the first time the company has had Labour level-pegging with the Tories since the party's brief "bounce" in the wake of Gordon Brown becoming leader in 2007.

The findings come as Labour prepares to unveil its new leader on Saturday and will provide a major boost for the winner of the contest to succeed Mr Brown as the party goes into its annual conference in Manchester next week.

The survey suggests the Lib Dems have gained support from their own conference, jumping two points to 13% compared with a similar poll before the Liverpool gathering.

But Nick Clegg's party remains well below the 23% it recorded in May's general election, suggesting that voters remain uneasy about its coalition with David Cameron's Tories.

Some 40% of those questioned said they approved of the Government's performance so far, compared with 42% who disapproved.

People were more likely to see Mr Clegg as a Liberal (37%) than a Conservative stooge (30%), but 24% of people said coverage of the conference and his keynote speech made them see him as more Conservative, with only 7% saying he was more Liberal.

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There was an even split over whether the Lib Dem leader had "sold out his party's principles" by entering coalition, with 38% saying he had and 40% saying he had not.

  • YouGov questioned 1,963 adults about their voting intentions for The Sun on September 20 and 21 and 658 about their view of Mr Clegg on September 21.

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