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Quarter of English behind Scotland independence

By Katrine Bussey

Over a quarter of people in England support Scotland becoming independent, a new survey has found.

The latest NatCen Social Research British Social Attitudes Survey found 26% of English residents favoured ending the Union between the two countries — the highest figure yet in such a survey.

The study suggested there were some signs of increased frustration about Scotland's position in the Union, with 31% of people in England saying they “strongly agreed” that Scottish MPs should not be able to vote on English laws — up from just 18% 10 years ago.

The number of English people who feel Scotland gets more than its fair share of public spending has also been on the rise, with 44% now feeling this is the case, compared with 21% in 2000.

However, the number of people in England who believe this is only slightly higher now than in 2008, when the total was 41%.

Those living south of the border are fairly evenly divided between those who regard themselves as primarily British (43%) as those who said they are English (42%).

The results are part of the 29th British Social Attitudes report.

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