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Resign, campaigners urge MLAs

Anti-capitalist protesters have written to all MLAs demanding their resignations.

Occupy Belfast sent Christmas Day emails to Northern Ireland's 108 MLAs calling on them to: "Leave your party, leave your position of power."

The dozens of campaigners, who are based at Writers' Square in the Cathedral Quarter, accused them of failing to address growing suicide rates, rising unemployment and an increase in homelessness.

It comes just weeks after local politicians agreed the draft Programme for Government for 2011-2015 including promises to provide a free nursery place for every child, an additional 8,000 social houses and the promotion of 25,000 new jobs.

Although Occupy Belfast acknowledges the efforts of MLAs, the group adds: "You must understand that you have failed."

Sinn Fein MLA Phil Flanagan tweeted: "Got an email from Occupy Belfast calling for all MLAs to resign. Interesting thought for a Christmas evening."

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