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SDLP's Claire Hanna pledges to continue NAMA investigation

The new deputy chair of the Assembly Finance Committee, Claire Hanna, says she is determined to ensure that the investigation work undertaken by the previous Finance Committee continues in the new term.

The SDLP South Belfast MLA said: "Despite months of investigation, the full facts around various property deals undertaken by NAMA and the involvement of certain individuals has not become clear. I will be ensuring that the Finance Committee reopens its investigation into the Project Eagle deal.

"As deputy Chair I am putting this matter firmly on the agenda for the first Committee meeting. No stone will be left unturned. The Committee's most recent report said evidence from 18 individuals had yet to be heard. Those who were unwilling before must be made to understand the significant harm their actions have and should be called again to give evidence.

"I am also urging the new Finance Minister to make public all relevant files relating to both the Department for Finance’s dealings with NAMA and the dealings of all previous Finance Ministers. This is a first and vital step  as part of any future investigations."

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