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Senior RUC officers tell Haass team John Larkin's proposals should be implemented


Backing: Raymond White

Backing: Raymond White

Backing: Raymond White

Senior RUC officers, including three ex-heads of Special Branch, have told the Haass team that John Larkin's controversial proposals should be implemented.

"All credit to John Larkin for saying that," said Raymond White, a former Assistant Chief Constable and head of Special Branch and CID. "He has said what a lot of politicians have known in their hearts but don't find it appropriate to say it because they think it won't be a vote winner.

"This interview with John Larkin provides one of those cathartic moments when people are actually being faced with an element of reality they may have preferred to avoid," Mr White said.

Yesterday he was part of a four-strong delegation who met Meghan O'Sullivan, Richard Haass' number two, to discuss legacy issues.

They represented the Northern Ireland Retired Police Officers' Association, which has a membership of 3,000 officers. "We told her that Mr Larkin's proposal was broadly similar to our own thinking," Mr White said.

"Finding a way to draw a line is one of the bedrock issues that have to be faced up to. Families, including police families, are quite rightly emotional about the fact that nobody has been made amenable. What John Larkin is trying to get across is the hard, unpalatable reality successful prosecutions are becoming increasingly unlikely."

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