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Sinn Fein lobbies MPs over arrest of Wilson

by Tom Moseley

A senior Sinn Fein MP has travelled to Westminster to lobby politicians over the case of leading republican Padraic Wilson.

Conor Murphy met MPs from the three main parties as part of Sinn Fein’s increased campaigning presence in London.

Mr Wilson, who is accused of taking part in an internal IRA investigation into the murder of Robert McCartney, was released on bail this week.

Mr Murphy met politicians including Labour’s Shadow Northern Ireland Secretary Vernon Coaker and Laurence Robertson, the chairman of the Northern Ireland Affairs Select Committee.

On the Wilson case, he said: “It is evidence that there is still political policing going on, and it represents a significant challenge to us as a party who have a duty to hold the police to account.

“If this represents an approach the police are going to take then it represents a significant backwards step.

“The whole point of the Patten proposals was to get away from the days of political policing. This could be a setback for all of that.”

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