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Tearful McCrea names ‘forgotten victims’ of Provos

By Sam Lister

Names of more than 100 innocent victims killed in IRA atrocities during the Troubles were read out in Parliament to “put them formally on record” during an emotional debate on terrorism.

William McCrea broke down in tears as he recounted details of a bomb that exploded on January 17, 1992 at Teebane and went on to list those killed in Aldershot; Claudy; Bloody Friday; Tullyvallen; Kingsmills; La Mon House; Narrow Water; Darkley, Newry Police Station and Enniskillen.

He told the Belfast Telegraph that he wanted to afford the victims the same privilege that the 14 dead from Bloody Sunday were given when they were named in Parliament after the publication of Lord Saville’s report.

He called on the Government to help the families who have never had answers.

But Sinn Fein’s MLA Francie Molloy hit back last night saying the DUP had failed to bring forward any proposals on dealing with the past and accused it of playing politics.

It followed a debate in Westminster Hall when the DUP’s South Antrim MP said: “The Government have spent £192m to give certain families in Londonderry closure: or will it be closure, when so many questions are left in the hearts of others, unanswered?

“Why did our loved ones have to die? Why did successive Governments allow IRA terrorism to go on for more than 30 years without determining to defeat it, holding to a policy of containment rather than conquering?”

He added: “It is time for the books to be opened.

“It is time for the answers to be given.”

Mr McCrea also criticised Prime Minister David Cameron saying families of IRA victims watching his statement on Bloody Sunday were left “dejected and spurned by their own Government”.

Sinn Fein's Mr Molloy said: “To date the DUP have failed to bring forward any proposals on effectively dealing with the past. Instead, they have sought to politicise the issue and seek to create a hierarchy of victims through a change to the definition.

“When Eames/Bradley was published the DUP binned it without even reading the full document.”

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