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Tony Blair made staff kneel for prayer

He once denied that he had prayed with former US President George Bush — but Tony Blair has admitted he once ordered members of staff to do just that.

The former Prime Minister in a debate on the role of religion in public life, with the Archbishop of Canterbury, said he had done so despite the now-famous instruction from Press secretary Alastair Campbell: “You don't do God.”

He told the audience in Westminster: “I remember the Salvation Army coming to see me when I was leader of the opposition. At the end of it, she said: ‘We're all going to kneel in prayer’.

“There were two members of my office, who should remain nameless, who looked aghast.

“I said: ‘You’ll have to get on your knees’. One said: ‘For God’s sake’, and I said: ‘Exactly’.”

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